Blog makeover

The theme of the blog has now changed as I’ve realized I may have a lot of information to share that my fellow travelers might be interested in reading!

There are now two, maybe three sometimes, themes to my blog so please, pick what interests you and have a read.

First i’ll be writing about traveling in Thailand and South East Asia. While living here for the past 13 months or so, I’ve done a fair bit of traveling when I am not working. Along they way i’ve found places and activities and moments that are worth sharing so that hopefully other travelers too can have these wonderful experiences. There may even be some tips in here about what not to do!

The second sort of theme of the blog will be work based as I am a wedding planner in Thailand. I’ll give my tips about working abroad, how to find jobs, and more importantly how to be successful in your job abroad, and how to keep it! Over the past year i’ve become completely obsessed with weddings so i’ll also share my love of weddings on here as well.

The potential third theme will be more of a personal side of things. In the past my blog posts have always been very personal and have included a lot of short stories etc and I may still do a bit of that as it is what I enjoy.

As always, thank you for reading.


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