Death by Coconut

The 3rd post has commenced! I’m really starting to feel comfortable and at home here in Samui. I’m so hopeful that I will get a job within the next 2 weeks so that I can actually stay. Its been a wonderful time being here on Samui with no job but its putting a real dent in my bank account. The money is only coming out and not going in. Its fine with me for now but sooner or later I will end up homeless. I suppose though I could just live on the beach which doesn’t sound that bad. Anyway though, I do have a few job opportunities that seems pretty promising so I am keeping my fingers crossed for those. I have been to just about every school that I’ve been able to find on the island and many of of them aren’t hiring until May when the new term starts. In retrospect this was actually not the best time to come to Thailand as a teacher because they term is just about to end for 2 months. Many of the schools I’ve been to also have said that they simply just do not have the budget for a foreign teacher. I’m really just praying that get one of them. There is one job that I have to do a 1 hour free class for to show my skills and if that goes well have a good chance at that one. So anyone read this please send your positive vibes my way. A fortune teller told me that the month of March is a lucky month for me so i’m hoping that luck comes in the form of a job!

In the mean time I will keep searching and keep having the time of my life here. The island is so beautiful I’ve ended up at the beach just about everyday and my skin is so dark now. It is wonderful. It is hard to have a bad day here and if I am starting to have a bad day, I just go swimming. There is something about being in the water that really clears the mind. I’m assuming its because you are weightless and nothing seems to matter when you’re in the water. I highly recommend swimming as a form of therapy!
So there is my million dollar idea although i’m sure its already being done.

My biggest anxiety and fear these days is that I will randomly be killed by a coconut. There are just so many coconuts around here and the ones in the yard where I live are always falling. The trees are 50ft+ tall so you can imagine what a coconut to the head would do. I never would have thought that death by coconut would be an actual legitimate worry of my life. I’m tempted to wear my helmet that I use when riding my motorbike and just wear it at all times. That would not be ideal considering what it does my hair. I constantly either have helmet hair or my hair style really depends on the wind. Its a wonderful thing when your hair style depends on the wind that day, when your skin turns the same color as the locals, when your body starts to crave Thai food more than anything else, when you meet people and you make a real connection that will last. That’s one thing I love about traveling and the number one thing that keeps me motivated to travel is that I know I am going to meet some of the best and most interesting people that I ever have in my life. The people you meet when you travel are those people that you can’t seem to forget easily.

Most days I’ve been going to the beach or looking for jobs and sometimes both in one day. Usually I will look for a job then go to the beach all day, go home when its dark and eat take a nap and then head back to the beach for the night. The first person we met here in Samui has a bar on the beach and they have fire shows every night at the beach so we have made that our regular hangout. I’ve found that its quite easy to fall in love at the beach. Either with a person, or a place, or a feeling or whatever. I can’t pin point exactly why it is this way but all I know is I’ve fallen in love with several things while being at the beach. I also have had some major sun burns which is something I do not love but its all for the greater good of having beautiful brown skin. The Thai people (women mostly) will do anything and everything to make their skin lighter it is so bizarre. Most of them use dye on their skin to make them white and essentially all of the lotions, makeups and skin products here have whitening agents in them. A lot of them will also avoid sun at all costs. They wear long clothes and big hats and cover up pretty much every part of their bodies to avoid the suns exposure. I’ve heard that the reason for this is that lighter skinned Thai people may appear that they have Chinese heritage which I guess is a good thing and more high class. I’m just blown away by this though because I think that the Thai people who I’ve seen out in the sun and on the beach everyday have the prettiest skin color ever. People are just crazy no matter where in the world you go, people are crazy!

Not everyone is crazy though obviously. We’ve been lucky enough to meet some great people who have been very helpful ad friendly. There is a woman here who owns a massage parlor and she has become our friend. Every night she plays volleyball at the local court where a lot of different recreational activities happen. This has been a good way to meet people and something fun and healthy to do. The first day we went to the courts Latrisha played volleyball but I just warmed up with some people and then didn’t play. I decided not to play because I have what I’ve diagnosed as “Team Sports Anxiety” and its where I get extreme anxiety when I have to play a team sport, pretty self explanatory right. So instead I go for a run by the lake, do a dance class, or a yoga class. There is nothing so peaceful and amazing as doing yoga next to the water at sunset in Thailand let me tell you! I’m hoping that running and yoga and going to the beach will bring me to some sort of peace of mind where i’m able to conquer my team sports anxiety disorder hahahaha. Only time will tell!

Not the most entertaining post but as usual my mind is not focused. All I can think about is how I need to get back to the beach. Until next time folks.


2 thoughts on “Death by Coconut

  1. Sophie! I am so proud of you. I love your adventurous spirit and braveheart. I especially love that you’ve chosen to embrace this journey and live fully and freely. I love you- and we miss you here, but you continue to inspire me/us. I am praying you get a job- and I know you will. Love, Aunt Mary

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