As I sort of expected I have neglected my blog again this time for more than a month. It is a shame because so many memories could have been written here if I only I had the concentration but I will just hope that my mind is strong enough to hold onto them. As time goes on it becomes harder to write this blog because things I would have written about before now seem like normal everyday activities that I wouldn’t really think are important to write about. Although, as usual a lot of spontaneous, new, amazing and fun things have happened as well as the daily routines.

Most importantly to me I’ve been working along quite nicely at my job as a wedding planner. I can’t really say enough how lucky I feel that I got his job and I am so happy that i’m able to do it. It has already opened my eyes to so many new things on the island and has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people. :))))
I’ve never been the type to want to get married but since working here I’ve actually planned my own wedding which is hilarious. It’s not that I want to be married I just want to have a wedding because i’ve planned out the best wedding ever. If anyone needs my services just let me know.

Since my last post we had our first American visitors when the Mike’s (as I like to call them) came to Samui! It was so nice to see people that we know and to have friends here to share our new life with. We had so much with the Mike’s mainly just because they are awesome but also because we did things nonstop. The best and only thing I wish to mention about the trip was Songkran which is the Thai new year. It is celebrated by throwing water at people. The great about getting wet in Thailand is that chances are you’re going to dry off in about 10 minutes anyway because it’s so damn hot here. Anyway, Songkran is not one of those things that just happens in certain areas, or that only a few people do, it is country wide, everywhere, everyone and its amazing! If you are in Thailand during Songkran and you don’t want to be wet for between 24 and 96 hours straight then do not leave your house. People stand outside soaking each other all day and night and its a big happy celebration. Its unlike any new year celebration I have seen and it has definitely become my favorite Holiday (Halloween, you have been replaced). We spent the day outside of our friend’s shop which is on a very busy with bumper to bumper traffic all day. Basically on Songkran you drink, dance, eat, and throw water at people. So we did that for a few hours then headed to see other friends on the beach and did more of the same. Around 9pm we needed more money so we went back home and realized that we’d had a few too many drinks so wanted to just lay down for 30 mins to get some energy back. Fast forward to 2am we finally wake up and realize we just missed what were probably the prime crazy hours of Songkran. It was highly disappointing that we slept that long BUT the day was so fun that it really doesn’t even matter. I cannot wait until Songkran next year!! I think i’m going to try and go visit a friend’s home province next year as i’ve heard the Songkran festivities last for 5 days straight there.

Songkran was great because it was another way that I could learn about Thai culture and try to immerse myself in it which is really important when living in a foreign country. Another thing i’ve realized is extremely important is being able to speak more than one language. It is crazy to think that everyone isn’t bilingual and its one of the things I want for myself most in life. I’m trying really hard to learn how to speak Thai because obviously I should being in Thailand but i’d also like to learn other languages. I meet so many people in Thailand that speak English and a lot of them have never even left the country. I’ve been all over the world and I only speak English….FAIL. I think in America we don’t realize how important it is to be able to communicate with people who are not the same as us, or if we do realize it we don’t care because we think America is the whole world. Personally I never want to live in America again which i’ve known for a while but it’s pretty official to me now. So time to start learning some other languages!

I’ve come across so many situations where speaking Thai would have been extremely helpful but the main one I think is worth sharing happened a few weeks ago. I was with a friend of mine and we decided to go to house to hang out. We got the house and went inside and were listening to some music then about 5 minutes after we got there he went outside for something and then I heard a woman starting shouting really loud in Thai. After a few minutes of my friend talking to her and her shouting at him I decided to look outside to see what was going on. I went outside and she started shouting at me in Thai so obviously I just stood there confused as I really only understand about 1 word she said. Then she switched to English asking me if I was his girlfriend. Like I said before, this person is just my friend so I denied being his girlfriend. The conversation went something like this:

Her: “Are you his girlfriend”
Me: “No, we are friends”
Her: “I don’t believe you. I see everything and you are the first girl that his come here I think he loves you too much”
Me: “Well I’m sorry that you think that but we are just friends neither of us love each other”
Her: (with an insane look in her eye) “You can sleep here if you want, I own this house”
Me: “umm no thanks I’m going to go home later”
Her: (staring at me not saying anything for a while)
Me: (awkwardly standing there)
Her: (shouting in Thai at my friend)
Me: “Are you angry right now?”
Me: “Ok that is nice you can have him like I said I don’t love him”

She continued to yell and asked her to leave and came back inside. My friend and I went inside a little shocked and he told me that she is his landlady and has some mental issues and has become obsessed with him but he doesn’t want to move because he likes the house. He told me not to worry she had calmed down. So we continued relaxing listening to music until about 5 minutes later when this woman kicks the door in and starts screaming for me to get the F out of her house. We were both scared at this point and I told her I was going and my friend took her outside to calm her down again. They were outisde talking about a bit but I stayed inside for my own safety hahaha. My friend came back and we both just sat there shocked but he told me not to worry he took her home and that she wouldnt’ come back. So we kept relaxing and listening to some music. About 20 minutes later we hear a glass shatter against the house and then the window suddenly breaks. Clearly the woman wanted me to leave!! I ran into the bathroom because I was terrified and my friend went outside to see what was going on. I heard her yelling in Thai again and I got a little courage and peeked out the door to see what she was up to. To my surprise she is standing there with a broken bottle in her hand and blood all over her arms and she literally looked like she was ready to murder at any second.
Obviously this was my cue to actually leave this time. I tried telling her I wasn’t going to leave until she got out of the front yard with that glass bottle but because of the language barrier she didn’t understand what I was saying. Luckily my friend got her to move and I ran out of there as fast as I could.

SOOOO a few lessons were learned that night. 1) I need to learn out to speak Thai to diffuse psycho murderous women. 2) Thai women are nuts! 3) The first time someone looks like they want to kill you and tells you to leave, you should probably leave.

This was just another hilarious evening in my life that I’m not too surprised happened because the most insane things seem to happen to me quite often. It didn’t upset me at all it actually made me laugh once I knew I was safe and in a way it made me a little bit happy probably because I escaped being murdered. Koh Samui has found another way to make me happy.

Sometimes when i’m driving around here I have to stop and look around and really take it all again that I actually live here this place is so beautiful and amazing in so many ways I have to make sure I do not take that for granted. I hope that anyone reading this also feels the same way about wherever it is that you live! With that this post is finished. I can’t make any promises but I hope to write again soon.


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