Little Beauties

I recently watched the film American Beauty for the first time (a little late, yes I am aware). This film spoke to me in so many ways and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Although at one point in life I thought that being a film critic would be the perfect job for me, I am not going to critique that film, that is not what this blog post is about. I just want to reference one specific scene that really stood out to me. When the young girl and young boy (main characters, I forgot their names) were watching some video footage of a bag being tossed around in the wind and the boy said something along the lines of “there is so much beauty in the world sometimes I feel like my heart will burst.” At that point I wanted to scream out, “ME TOO, ME TOO.” I often find myself driving around and just looking at things and thinking about how beautiful and amazing the smallest things are. Seeing a mother comforting a baby, a tree with multiple colored flowers, a group of friends laughing on a motorbike together, someone picking their nose, people watching the sunset together, a familiar shape in the clouds, the wrinkles in an elderly person’s face, a dog napping on the road, a hand made sign with multiple spelling errors, a family working together in their restaurant, someone discovering something new for the first time, a silly dance move, an unknown sea creature, and list goes on and on and on.

Taking time to realize how beautiful the little things of everyday life are is highly important. I was worried because most things here have become routine to me and I didn’t want that feeling of excitment that I first had to go away. I realize now though that I’m going to have to keep traveling and discovering new things for the rest of my life if I want to constantly feel that excitment of being thrown into something I don’t know. For now since I don’t have the option to travel and feel that rush, I’ve decided that finding the small amazing things in everyday life is just as good.


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