The love I can’t leave: The sea

Everything can change so quickly and that’s the best and worst part about life isn’t it. You have to be able to adapt to change otherwise you are, for lack of a better term, fucked. Adapting to change I think is the number one thing I have going for me at this point in life. I can roll with punches even when they knock me out I’ve so far been able to stand back up before the bell. This boxing reference is not a metaphor for something bad happening in my life it’s just a metaphor in general about change. The most recent change for me is that i’m not heartbroken anymore and my mind is feeling free again.

I had the most wonderful weekend ever and it was simply spent enjoying the sea which is probably the best thing that a person can do in life. Everyday on my way anywhere I look at the sea (I live across from the beach). I see the different shades of blue, the stillness, the reflection of the sun, and the mountains far away and I just think about how beautiful it is. I feel as if I am living in paradise.

The sea near my house has so many color is in and about 300 meters out into the sea there is a relatively large  sand bar. It looks so beautiful and everyday I think to myself that I need to get out there to that sand bar and this weekend I finally decided to do it.  I had to wear shoes because the walk out there was slimy and full of rocks, but just before the sand bar everything went soft and water was crystal clear and warm; simply amazing. I sat out there with my friend and we just stared at the mountains near us, the mountains in the distance, and colors. We were just a little bit speechless. He broke the silence though and in part Thai part English said something along the lines of, “we are being hugged by mountains.” A simple line of accidental poetry that was extremely fitting for the moment. Koh Samui is amazing because not only is it a beautiful tropical island but it is also surrounded by other beautiful tropical islands a lot of which you can see very clearly. The ones in the distance just look like mysterious mountains in the water that take can make ones mind wander to faraway places for hours imagining what could be there. They look like something that you see on a postcard and think “damn I wish I was there.”

Sitting there in that moment was amazing and then suddenly in in the distance we could see it raining over the sea. Its funny watching storms on an island because you can see the mass of clouds raining down in one spot and just next to it you see clear blue skies. I’ve never watched a storm roll in until I lived here and now it’s becoming one of my favorite sights to see. We didn’t realize how fast the storm was moving and actually got caught in the water while it was storming which was so fantastic. I love the tropical weather even when it is raining this place is still great.

Sigh…..I feel that I’m in love with the sea again.


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