Being a wedding planner: The basics

It is really kind of funny that I’ve ended up being a wedding planner and it has turned out to be my most favorite and the best job I’ve ever had.It is not even a job to me anymore- it is my long term career. The reason it is funny that I’ve ended up as a wedding planner though is because I remember when I was in university studying Hospitality & Tourism Management (with a focus on event management) I told myself and I declared it to my classmates as well that I would never be a wedding planner. Never say never, as the saying goes! My reasons back then were probably that I did not want to have the pressure of being in charge of one of the most special days of peoples’ lives which as you can imagine is quite a pressure to put on yourself. Now that I have been doing this for almost a year I can say though that I want to continue my career in wedding planning for as long as possible, and I really do love this work.

The pressure of being in control of someone’s wedding always turns out to be wonderful because if you are successful, you know that have just helped people to have the best day of their life. What’s not to like about that?

The title of this post a little be a bit misleading because in my opinion it is a little difficult to actually pinpoint the “basics” of wedding planning as every wedding is different and all the clients are different. I’ve put together a list though of what I find to the basics things for me to do or remember with each wedding and things that help me to make my experience as a wedding planner the best it can be.

Most importantly – Have a great attitude

Weddings can be stressful, especially if you’re like me and tend to take other peoples’ stress on as your own. The most important thing that you can do though is keep a positive attitude. If things are going wrong or you have a bridezilla, or even if the wedding is just not enjoyable in some way, you have to remember to keep it together. If your attitude goes sour, this will show and will likely affect your clients.

Treat each wedding like it is the only wedding you’ll ever work at 

I mean this in the sense that you have to make sure to dedicate yourself fully to each wedding and not constantly be thinking about one you had in the past, or one you have in the future. In January, I planned 8 weddings….I repeat, 8 weddings. Some of them drained me physically and mentally but I had to go into each new one with a clean slate. The way I do this is by reminding myself that the bride and groom don’t know (or care) how many weddings I have to work at, all they know as that their special day is the most important thing to them so that is how I treat it. I don’t bring any baggage from my previous weddings with me.

Be as flexible as possible 

I mean that figuratively, not literally although being physically flexible may come in handy being a wedding planner as you never know what crazy request you may have to fulfill!

You need to make sure that you can adjust to pretty much ANY situation, anything can happen at a wedding.

Be quick on your feet and creative if you can! 

Being a wedding planner is a great way to let your creativity really shine. You are going to have to come up with crazy ways to put broken shoes back together,  make a garter (learn how to sew!), to make dresses fit when they might be a size or two too small, make a beach look wider than it is, to make a bouquet morph into a table centerpiece, or even to fix a wedding cake that accidentally looks like the leaning tower of Pisa. You’ll be asked to move mountains and you’ll only be given 20 minutes to do it so be prepared to come up with something genius, and come up with it fast!

Do not be afraid to say NO

It is so hard to have to disappoint someone but you have to be strong and tough to be a wedding planner. You cannot be afraid to say no to people, especially the bride and groom. In my last point I said you will be asked some crazy requests, and to the best of your abilities, try to do them but do not forget that some things just cannot be done. When it comes down to it you are not the bride’s friend, you are her wedding planner, so even though you’re ultimate goal is to make her happy, you have to have your limits.

Don’t take the romance for granted! 

No matter how many weddings I have been to or how busy I am at a wedding I always make sure that I catch the look in the bride and grooms eyes when they first see each other. Nothing beats seeing that pure look of love, terror, excitement and every other emotion in the world. That moment to me is the most romantic in the entire wedding. You may be surrounded by love, happiness, and emotions all the time as a wedding planner, but don’t take it for granted, appreciate it and bask in it because it’s one of the best parts of life.

Ask for help

As the wedding planner, you are going to feel like the pressure of everything running smoothly is put completely on you, but there are times where you are going to need help to make this happen. Do not be afraid to ask people for help, it does not make you look incompetent, it just shows that you care and want everything to be as perfect as possible. It’s really important also to have a good wedding staff. Get people that have experience, that you can rely on, and people that have a great attitude just like you!

Stay organized

I cannot stress how important it is to keep everything organized. As a wedding planner you will have about a million different tasks, appointments, papers, things to remember, and things to do. You have to have a good way of keeping this all on track. Lists will become your best friend! Make sure you have a good planner/diary/calendar, and if you can, make sure you have some sort computer system set up specially for weddings. I am lucky enough that at my company we have an extremely well organized computer system where I can keep essentially every detail that I would need to have about a wedding. Without having everything organized and all in once place I am not sure i’d actually be able to do this job; it is so important to stay organized.

Have fun!

You have got to have some fun at your weddings! You have to remain professional and on top of things but don’t forget that what you are doing is amazing, creative, and super fun. Laugh as much as possible, meet new people, and take in all the beauty and excitement around you at each wedding.


There is so much that goes into being a wedding planner but for me these are the basic things that will help get the best experience out of this career. Coming soon will be a post specifically about planning weddings in a foreign country, or working as a destination wedding planner.


Thank you for reading!


Khanom- The land of the pink dolphins

Khanom is a super cute and fun beach town in the south of Thailand and is a part of the Nakhon Si Thammart District. For me it is a perfect weekend getaway – not that a getaway is really needed when you live on a tropical island, but I love to see new things.

Khanom’s beaches are beautiful and seem to stretch on and on with no end. The best part about them is that they are not overrun with people. In fact, one weekend when I was in Khanom I’m pretty sure I saw more cows on the beaches than I saw people. You can see one of the cows and I getting to know each other in the photo below.

Cow selfie Khanom beach

The beaches have clear blue water, clear blue skies, and give you absolutely no blue feelings, it’s all wonderful there. Khanom is a place that I’ve actually visited a few times just to get away and have some peace and quiet. If you are looking for a relaxed, quiet yet fun, and beachy place, this is a top destination for the south of Thailand.

My Hotel recommendation

Finding a place to stay while you’re there couldn’t possibly be any easier as they’ve got countless bungalows, guest houses, apartments, and resorts everywhere. I would recommend going somewhere along the beach as you’ll be in walking distance of paradise. On my visits I’ve stayed at Dolphin House which is a cute little apartment style hotel just opposite the beach. Dolphin House was a completely random choice but ended being a good one as the room was comfortable, clean,  safe, and had a great sunset view. The owner of Dolphin House is also fantastic and will literally give you the shoes off his feet if you ask (don’t ask). The rates are super cheap at only 500 baht per night (not in peak season) and for me even cheaper as I shared the room with two friends. Don’t be afraid to share a room, just make sure everyone fits in the bed before making that commitment.

Not a whole lot of time was actually spent  hanging out at Dolphin house as we wanted to get out and experience what Khanom had to offer but the nights there comfortable and enjoyable.

Speaking of getting to know what Khanom has to offer, I recommend renting a motorbike while you are there and just driving around the city. It is bigger than you would think at first but not so big that you’ll get lost and you can find so many cool little places and things to see if you just explore. For me as a traveler, getting out, driving around, and exploring is often the time that I have most magical experiences. Those experiences are what keep me traveling.


Potentially the main attraction for tourists in Khanom is the pink dolphins.  Khanom is a famous dolphin watching spot and it is known especially for being home to many pink dolphins. The first time I saw Dolphins (grey dolphins) was in Thailand while I was waiting for a ferry and my mind was blown, I could not believe my eyes, I was almost moved to tears. That may be a little dramatic but members of my family have been known to cry over the majestic beauty of sea creatures so I guess I inherited that quality. Anyway, I thought that the grey dolphins were pretty much the highlight of life until I had the chance to see the pink Dolphins on one of my visits to Khanom. Guys, trust me, they really are fantastic.

It’s super easy to arrange for this to happen, just ask pretty much any hotel employee and they will let you know what to do. Keep in mind that has to be done very early in the morning as that is the prime time for dolphin activity. You’ll arrange a tour on a small long tail boat with a group of people (either people you know or random people that happen to join at the same time as you) and you’ll take the boat out to “the” spot. You get the chance to try and feed the dolphins in an attempt to draw them closer to your boat so you can snap hundreds of pictures of them, or in my case just cry tears of joy upon the mere sight of them.

On the dolphin viewing trip you sit out in the boat for an unspecified amount of time, typically about an hour or so, or however long it takes to get the dolphins to show up. Depending on your tour guide you may stop at a mysterious temple on the way back to your taking off point, or you may just head straight back after you’ve had your dolphin fill. Either way, the trip is fantastic and worth the money. When I went on the trip the cost was 1,000 baht per boat and our particular boat had 5 people in it so the cost was extremely low.

The really amazing part about seeing the dolphins is that no harm is done to them, no one is forcing them to show up, they are not trapped in by any means, they are just in their natural habitat. We may be cramping their style a bit by showing up to their turf and taking selfies with them, but we mean them no harm. It seems rare to find a place in Thailand that is like when it comes to animals so this is a wonderful experience to have. I know a lot of people may have their opinions on animals when it comes to tourism and I have to say I probably agree with pretty much all of the reasoning against it, however this particular activity is relatively harmless. However, I do not and will not recommend any tourism that has to do with animals in captivity.

We managed to snap a few photos of the dolphins peeking out of the water but I could not pull it together in time to capture a photo one of the illustrious pink dolphins unfortunately.

Dolphins Khanom3 Khanom boat

The Night Market 

Khanom also has a fantastic night market with every type of Thai food you’d possibly want to try, every key chain and trinket you can imagine, and clothes and clothes and clothes.  You’ll have to make sure to get there before the weekend as the market in only open on Friday nights but is definitely worth it! The night market is easy to and find is located about 4km east of the city center. Ask any of the smiley locals to direct you, and you’ll take one road straight all the way there. The market is a great Friday night out for shopping or for just relaxing and enjoying some food and drinks as my friends and I did. Nothing there will break the bank, with most of the food going for 50 baht or less and most of the clothes around 100 baht or less. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

I recommend Khanom as a really great place to check out while you are in Thailand if you happen to make it south it is worth checking out and i’m willing to bet you’ll want to visit more than once! Khanom night market

Blog makeover

The theme of the blog has now changed as I’ve realized I may have a lot of information to share that my fellow travelers might be interested in reading!

There are now two, maybe three sometimes, themes to my blog so please, pick what interests you and have a read.

First i’ll be writing about traveling in Thailand and South East Asia. While living here for the past 13 months or so, I’ve done a fair bit of traveling when I am not working. Along they way i’ve found places and activities and moments that are worth sharing so that hopefully other travelers too can have these wonderful experiences. There may even be some tips in here about what not to do!

The second sort of theme of the blog will be work based as I am a wedding planner in Thailand. I’ll give my tips about working abroad, how to find jobs, and more importantly how to be successful in your job abroad, and how to keep it! Over the past year i’ve become completely obsessed with weddings so i’ll also share my love of weddings on here as well.

The potential third theme will be more of a personal side of things. In the past my blog posts have always been very personal and have included a lot of short stories etc and I may still do a bit of that as it is what I enjoy.

As always, thank you for reading.

Silent Romance

My romantic comedies could be put on hold for an unknown period of time. A sweet surprise of what seems to be a relationship has smiled upon me. Let’s not get our hopes up people, we will see where this goes. By people I mean all my adoring fans (I think maybe 2 people read my blog).

What I wanted to really delve into here though is the subject of dating someone who’s native language is not the same as yours. Wow! It’s interesting. It’s confusing, exciting, frustrating, informative, and most of all it makes you learn a lot. Not only do you learn a new language but you learn about a person based on what they do rather than what they tell you about themselves. I don’t want to say with any conviction that I prefer to get to know someone this way because for me words are highly important, but, I will say that this is teaching me a lot of lessons and i’m really enjoying getting to know someone this way.

Our communication relies heavily on this magical godsend called “Google Translate.” That along with books, friends, and our very little knowledge of each other’s languages get us by day to day. A lot of the time when there is nothing to say (because neither of us know how to formulate what we want to say into decipherable sentences) I take those precious silent moments and try to learn something about him. Without him telling me what he’s done, bragging about himself, or explaining his values to me I can tell that he is kind, genuine, funny, and polite. Without him having to describe to me the reasons he likes me I can see by the look on his face or the way that he hugs me that he likes me because of those things he learns about me in silence.

What a grand way to fall to for someone.


The love I can’t leave: The sea

Everything can change so quickly and that’s the best and worst part about life isn’t it. You have to be able to adapt to change otherwise you are, for lack of a better term, fucked. Adapting to change I think is the number one thing I have going for me at this point in life. I can roll with punches even when they knock me out I’ve so far been able to stand back up before the bell. This boxing reference is not a metaphor for something bad happening in my life it’s just a metaphor in general about change. The most recent change for me is that i’m not heartbroken anymore and my mind is feeling free again.

I had the most wonderful weekend ever and it was simply spent enjoying the sea which is probably the best thing that a person can do in life. Everyday on my way anywhere I look at the sea (I live across from the beach). I see the different shades of blue, the stillness, the reflection of the sun, and the mountains far away and I just think about how beautiful it is. I feel as if I am living in paradise.

The sea near my house has so many color is in and about 300 meters out into the sea there is a relatively large  sand bar. It looks so beautiful and everyday I think to myself that I need to get out there to that sand bar and this weekend I finally decided to do it.  I had to wear shoes because the walk out there was slimy and full of rocks, but just before the sand bar everything went soft and water was crystal clear and warm; simply amazing. I sat out there with my friend and we just stared at the mountains near us, the mountains in the distance, and colors. We were just a little bit speechless. He broke the silence though and in part Thai part English said something along the lines of, “we are being hugged by mountains.” A simple line of accidental poetry that was extremely fitting for the moment. Koh Samui is amazing because not only is it a beautiful tropical island but it is also surrounded by other beautiful tropical islands a lot of which you can see very clearly. The ones in the distance just look like mysterious mountains in the water that take can make ones mind wander to faraway places for hours imagining what could be there. They look like something that you see on a postcard and think “damn I wish I was there.”

Sitting there in that moment was amazing and then suddenly in in the distance we could see it raining over the sea. Its funny watching storms on an island because you can see the mass of clouds raining down in one spot and just next to it you see clear blue skies. I’ve never watched a storm roll in until I lived here and now it’s becoming one of my favorite sights to see. We didn’t realize how fast the storm was moving and actually got caught in the water while it was storming which was so fantastic. I love the tropical weather even when it is raining this place is still great.

Sigh…..I feel that I’m in love with the sea again.

Little Beauties

I recently watched the film American Beauty for the first time (a little late, yes I am aware). This film spoke to me in so many ways and I thouroughly enjoyed it. Although at one point in life I thought that being a film critic would be the perfect job for me, I am not going to critique that film, that is not what this blog post is about. I just want to reference one specific scene that really stood out to me. When the young girl and young boy (main characters, I forgot their names) were watching some video footage of a bag being tossed around in the wind and the boy said something along the lines of “there is so much beauty in the world sometimes I feel like my heart will burst.” At that point I wanted to scream out, “ME TOO, ME TOO.” I often find myself driving around and just looking at things and thinking about how beautiful and amazing the smallest things are. Seeing a mother comforting a baby, a tree with multiple colored flowers, a group of friends laughing on a motorbike together, someone picking their nose, people watching the sunset together, a familiar shape in the clouds, the wrinkles in an elderly person’s face, a dog napping on the road, a hand made sign with multiple spelling errors, a family working together in their restaurant, someone discovering something new for the first time, a silly dance move, an unknown sea creature, and list goes on and on and on.

Taking time to realize how beautiful the little things of everyday life are is highly important. I was worried because most things here have become routine to me and I didn’t want that feeling of excitment that I first had to go away. I realize now though that I’m going to have to keep traveling and discovering new things for the rest of my life if I want to constantly feel that excitment of being thrown into something I don’t know. For now since I don’t have the option to travel and feel that rush, I’ve decided that finding the small amazing things in everyday life is just as good.


Lately almost everything is making me want to write poetry. It is almost as if everything I do is inspiring me to be more spiritual, more poetic, less 1 dimensional, more awake. I’m not sure exactly why this is but I assume its because of the traveling and seeing life in a new way. I guess at this point since I’ve been here for about 6 months I can’t really call this traveling anymore however it is living a completely different life. 


Moving to Thailand I had a number of expectations for myself most of which I’m still waiting to fulfill. 

It’s funny because before I moved to Thailand I read every blog, article, and rumor that I could about this country so that I would have some idea of what it would be like to live here. I have to say that the blogs etc just don’t give you the right idea. I had this crazy idea that everyone wore really conservative long clothes all the time and that the people were very innocent and kind. People are generally kind here and I guess that land of smiles is a semi appropriate nick name but there is side of Thailand that I feel like isn’t highly represented in these TEFL teachers blogs. Thai people LOVE money. I guess most people everywhere do but I’ve realized here everything is about money. It’s not love that keeps a relationship together, its money. It’s not whether you did something right or wrong that determines if you go to jail, its how much money you have. Its not about who is the nicer person to date, its about who has more money. It’s not your blonde hair and blue eyes that they want, its the chance that if they marry you they can go to country to earn more money. Money, money, money, money. The most romantically hopeless people in the world suddenly seem to become Fabio when they get to Thailand because they are human ATM machines. I won’t keep this rant going that long but I just feel a little sad and discouraged when I see this all the time because it almost seems like true love doesn’t exist here. And if does, you can almost 100% guarantee that it’s not monogamous true love by any means. OHHH the ways of Eastern world cease to amaze me….

I myself am a cynical romantic. I had this grand vision of some romantic life that will eventually happen to me but I am so cynical and convinced that it will forever remain just that: a vision. Being in a place like Thailand is making me slightly more cynical when it comes to this. As I said before, its not about love its all about money. For me personally I don’t really have very much money so I’m finding that when people like me it’s more about looking different. I can be called beautiful 5 times day (thank you thank you’re far too kind) but no one will go beyond that. It’s more like being a novelty than being an actual potential of a partner. Honestly one of my Thai friends actually said this exact phrase, “I’ve never had a nigger before.” As horrifying as this statement may sound I’ve finally gotten over that this actually came out of his mouth. Again this is just an shining example of the way that people think over here. Most of the Thai people i’ve met see “Farangs” and look at us like an ATM or a trophy. I just imagine them thinking “HEY EVERYBODY LOOK WHAT I GOT” I wish life wasn’t so much about showing off what we have. I know that not everyone is like that but sometimes its so hard to find the good people. As Jack Johnson said where’d all the good people? 

This pessimistic cynical attitude does not apply to everthing though just to be clear. As usual most other things in life are exceptional and wonderfully surprising. Koh Samui produces over 1 million coconuts per month and has been lovingly given the nickname Coconut Island obviously for good reason. It is not unusual to see multiple trucks filled with coconuts driving around each time you leave the house. Lately though I have been seeing this really big truck with a monkey riding on top of it. There aren’t very many monkeys on the island because they don’t live in the jungles naturally (I believe, do not quote me) so seeing a monkey is usually a pleasant surprise. This particular monkey though looked like an employee of the coconut truck which I thought was a little odd and probably impossible so I asked a friends of mine about it. He explained to me very casually that yes, the monkey works as a I guess you would call him a coconut farmer? He is “emplyed” by this group of people to go up into trees and pick the coconuts. He has special monkey senses that even allow him to know exactly which coconuts are ready to be picked and which are not. No this not a joke or an exaggeration, this monkey works hard for his bananas (and coconuts I presume). 

Now this story shouldn’t really be hilarious because in all honestly I doubt this monkey went out looking for a job so he’s obviously a slave of some sort. Beyond the whole monkey slavery thing though I found this to be one of the funniest things i’d ever heard. A monkey that works as a coconut picker….OK never thought i’d hear that one. 

Onto a change of subject…I hope that there are some “farangs” who live or have lived in Thailand that are reading this and can answer a question for me. Why is it that when people move here to South East Asia they develop a kind of “my shit don’t stink” “im so awesome” “boundaries/laws do not apply to me” type of attitude. Or they always have some sort of pissing contest regarding who has lived in Asia longer. Please please tell me why this happens. I get the whole adjusting to a different culture changes you thing because it has changed me a bit, but this “im the best” type of attitude does not seem to come from the South East Asian people. Any philosophical insight on this would be great….

Thanks for reading.


As I sort of expected I have neglected my blog again this time for more than a month. It is a shame because so many memories could have been written here if I only I had the concentration but I will just hope that my mind is strong enough to hold onto them. As time goes on it becomes harder to write this blog because things I would have written about before now seem like normal everyday activities that I wouldn’t really think are important to write about. Although, as usual a lot of spontaneous, new, amazing and fun things have happened as well as the daily routines.

Most importantly to me I’ve been working along quite nicely at my job as a wedding planner. I can’t really say enough how lucky I feel that I got his job and I am so happy that i’m able to do it. It has already opened my eyes to so many new things on the island and has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great people. :))))
I’ve never been the type to want to get married but since working here I’ve actually planned my own wedding which is hilarious. It’s not that I want to be married I just want to have a wedding because i’ve planned out the best wedding ever. If anyone needs my services just let me know.

Since my last post we had our first American visitors when the Mike’s (as I like to call them) came to Samui! It was so nice to see people that we know and to have friends here to share our new life with. We had so much with the Mike’s mainly just because they are awesome but also because we did things nonstop. The best and only thing I wish to mention about the trip was Songkran which is the Thai new year. It is celebrated by throwing water at people. The great about getting wet in Thailand is that chances are you’re going to dry off in about 10 minutes anyway because it’s so damn hot here. Anyway, Songkran is not one of those things that just happens in certain areas, or that only a few people do, it is country wide, everywhere, everyone and its amazing! If you are in Thailand during Songkran and you don’t want to be wet for between 24 and 96 hours straight then do not leave your house. People stand outside soaking each other all day and night and its a big happy celebration. Its unlike any new year celebration I have seen and it has definitely become my favorite Holiday (Halloween, you have been replaced). We spent the day outside of our friend’s shop which is on a very busy with bumper to bumper traffic all day. Basically on Songkran you drink, dance, eat, and throw water at people. So we did that for a few hours then headed to see other friends on the beach and did more of the same. Around 9pm we needed more money so we went back home and realized that we’d had a few too many drinks so wanted to just lay down for 30 mins to get some energy back. Fast forward to 2am we finally wake up and realize we just missed what were probably the prime crazy hours of Songkran. It was highly disappointing that we slept that long BUT the day was so fun that it really doesn’t even matter. I cannot wait until Songkran next year!! I think i’m going to try and go visit a friend’s home province next year as i’ve heard the Songkran festivities last for 5 days straight there.

Songkran was great because it was another way that I could learn about Thai culture and try to immerse myself in it which is really important when living in a foreign country. Another thing i’ve realized is extremely important is being able to speak more than one language. It is crazy to think that everyone isn’t bilingual and its one of the things I want for myself most in life. I’m trying really hard to learn how to speak Thai because obviously I should being in Thailand but i’d also like to learn other languages. I meet so many people in Thailand that speak English and a lot of them have never even left the country. I’ve been all over the world and I only speak English….FAIL. I think in America we don’t realize how important it is to be able to communicate with people who are not the same as us, or if we do realize it we don’t care because we think America is the whole world. Personally I never want to live in America again which i’ve known for a while but it’s pretty official to me now. So time to start learning some other languages!

I’ve come across so many situations where speaking Thai would have been extremely helpful but the main one I think is worth sharing happened a few weeks ago. I was with a friend of mine and we decided to go to house to hang out. We got the house and went inside and were listening to some music then about 5 minutes after we got there he went outside for something and then I heard a woman starting shouting really loud in Thai. After a few minutes of my friend talking to her and her shouting at him I decided to look outside to see what was going on. I went outside and she started shouting at me in Thai so obviously I just stood there confused as I really only understand about 1 word she said. Then she switched to English asking me if I was his girlfriend. Like I said before, this person is just my friend so I denied being his girlfriend. The conversation went something like this:

Her: “Are you his girlfriend”
Me: “No, we are friends”
Her: “I don’t believe you. I see everything and you are the first girl that his come here I think he loves you too much”
Me: “Well I’m sorry that you think that but we are just friends neither of us love each other”
Her: (with an insane look in her eye) “You can sleep here if you want, I own this house”
Me: “umm no thanks I’m going to go home later”
Her: (staring at me not saying anything for a while)
Me: (awkwardly standing there)
Her: (shouting in Thai at my friend)
Me: “Are you angry right now?”
Me: “Ok that is nice you can have him like I said I don’t love him”

She continued to yell and asked her to leave and came back inside. My friend and I went inside a little shocked and he told me that she is his landlady and has some mental issues and has become obsessed with him but he doesn’t want to move because he likes the house. He told me not to worry she had calmed down. So we continued relaxing listening to music until about 5 minutes later when this woman kicks the door in and starts screaming for me to get the F out of her house. We were both scared at this point and I told her I was going and my friend took her outside to calm her down again. They were outisde talking about a bit but I stayed inside for my own safety hahaha. My friend came back and we both just sat there shocked but he told me not to worry he took her home and that she wouldnt’ come back. So we kept relaxing and listening to some music. About 20 minutes later we hear a glass shatter against the house and then the window suddenly breaks. Clearly the woman wanted me to leave!! I ran into the bathroom because I was terrified and my friend went outside to see what was going on. I heard her yelling in Thai again and I got a little courage and peeked out the door to see what she was up to. To my surprise she is standing there with a broken bottle in her hand and blood all over her arms and she literally looked like she was ready to murder at any second.
Obviously this was my cue to actually leave this time. I tried telling her I wasn’t going to leave until she got out of the front yard with that glass bottle but because of the language barrier she didn’t understand what I was saying. Luckily my friend got her to move and I ran out of there as fast as I could.

SOOOO a few lessons were learned that night. 1) I need to learn out to speak Thai to diffuse psycho murderous women. 2) Thai women are nuts! 3) The first time someone looks like they want to kill you and tells you to leave, you should probably leave.

This was just another hilarious evening in my life that I’m not too surprised happened because the most insane things seem to happen to me quite often. It didn’t upset me at all it actually made me laugh once I knew I was safe and in a way it made me a little bit happy probably because I escaped being murdered. Koh Samui has found another way to make me happy.

Sometimes when i’m driving around here I have to stop and look around and really take it all again that I actually live here this place is so beautiful and amazing in so many ways I have to make sure I do not take that for granted. I hope that anyone reading this also feels the same way about wherever it is that you live! With that this post is finished. I can’t make any promises but I hope to write again soon.

New Job, dead pets, chicken chases and more

Ferry ride from Samui

Ferry ride from Samui

So much has happened since my last blog post, I didn’t realize it had been over a month since the last time I wrote. Every time I think to write my blog there is always something new and exciting to distract me. I feel like it is rare that I get a moment these days where I can just take the time to focus on writing.
A lot has changed and up to this point it has all been change for the best. The fortune teller was correct when he said that March was my lucky month because it surely has been. To begin with, I GOT A JOB!!! I got a job as one of the two wedding planners for an amazing wedding company here in Koh Samui. I am a wedding planner on a beautiful island in southern Thailand….I’ve had to repeat that to myself a few times but I don’t think it has actually registered in my brain yet. I never really thought that was even a possibility when I came here.

The things that happen in life are just so unexpected and those things that we don’t expect can often be the most wonderful parts.
I can’t express how lucky I was to get this job. I won’t go into too much detail about the process of getting this job but what I will say is that everything that happened leading up to me getting this job was clearly meant to happen. I was extremely discouraged at one point because I could not find work as a teacher and I was fairly certain I would have to move to the mainland of Thailand to find work. Something though in the back of my mind told me to stick it out and I just had this feeling that something good was about to happen for me. I had no idea how good it would actually be! To be fair, I enjoyed teaching and it felt rewarding and teaching English is technically why I moved here, BUT I love the event industry. Anyone reading this who knows me knows that I studied events in school and I have a lot of experience in the industry. So for me to get a job as a wedding planner was really fitting. I’ve now signed my contract with my new employer and it is 2 year contract which is renewable at the end of the 2 years. I’ve never actually committed to a job like that so really it was a big step for me and I feel great about it. If nothing else I will at least get to continue for my love affair with Samui for 2 more years.

Everyday my love for Samui and for Thai culture grows. I see new things that amaze me and I meet people every day who are just exceptional. One thing that I’ve grown to love about Thailand is that I will be driving and within a 100 meter stretch I will smell literally the worst and best smells I ever have before. Thailand is just hilarious like that, you get a little bit of everything here. I never thought I could love a place more than I loved London but Samui has already surpassed that!

I have already made a few friends who I hope that I will never lose touch with. Everyday has been a new adventure for me and it’s been very exciting. Within the past month I’ve traveled across Thailand to Phuket where I also visited Coral Island, I’ve gone to Malaysia on a visa run, gone to Koh Phangan for the infamous full moon party, and so much more. I’ve been given an expensive and rare necklace as a blessing and good luck charm, had my heart broken, gone to a traditional Thai concert, got a pet and killed it the same day, etc etc. The list of adventures and hilariousness goes on and on. Just so anyone reading this doesn’t think I’m a psychotic animal murderer I will explain the death of my “pet.”
I was at the beach swimming one day when I found a live clam in the water. For some reason I was extremely fascinated by it and decided that it was going to be my new pet. My intent was to take it home and put it an aquarium of sorts. Shortly after finding my new pet I ran into some of my friends on the beach and we got to talking. At this point my pet was safely in some water enjoying its life. The thing about running into your friends in Thailand though is that hours upon hours can pass without you really realizing it because it is just such a relaxed lifestyle here. So needless to say I was with my friends having some drinks for about 6 hours and at some point during the evening I just put my new pet my in back pack (with no water). To be honest 2 days passed with my backpack sitting on the floor of my bedroom untouched. I was laying in my bed trying to sleep but there was some horrendous smell and I could not sleep until I found it. I searched my room everywhere for about 30 minutes and couldn’t find the source. Then I saw my backpack on the ground and it hit me, I had neglected my pet and let him die in my backpack and now he was stinking up my room to take vengeance on me. My bag was full of “clam juice” and my boy lay in there with his shell completely wide open and he was dead as a doornail. SOOOO yeah that happened. Luckily the smell has now left my room and I’ve decided I won’t be getting another pet clam for a while. We’ve got about 7 cats/kittens that roam in and out of our house whenever they feel like it so for now they can me my no strings attached pets.

For the first month in Samui Latrisha and I were living in a room on what I’ve now found out is ghost road of Samui (where the most ghost sightings are). We were sharing a room and a bed and needless to say we needed our own space. We spent days driving all around the island looking for a new place to live. Thai people tend to live with multiple people in 1 room and this is something that is just normal here. So trying to find a two bedroom place seemed like a futile attempt. On our search we came across a string of town houses and wanted to check and see if there were any open units. There was a man who lived in one and who spoke a bit of English so he was being kind and helping us to speak with the landlord who did not speak English. It turned out there were no available units so this man that we met decided that he would stop whatever he was doing and show us around to other places that might be available. He interrupted his day just out of the kindness of is heart and showed us around. He spent about an hour trying to help us and did not expect anything in return. Once again Thai people amaze me. Throughout our search two other friends helped us and only for our benefit, not for theirs. In the end we found a great two bedroom house in a great location and now are happily living in our new place. The house search was pretty brutal but undeniably hilarious and fun as we got chased by a group of about 60 chickens while looking at a house. There were also a couple of dog chases and other fun happenings but getting chased by the chickens was actually one of the funniest things that has happened yet.

As I’ve already mentioned I love Samui very much and I am really excited to see what the next two years here will be like for me. There is still so much on this island that I have not seen and that still need to explore. I have though found great places to eat, drink, see great sights, people watch, and I’ve also discovered by favorite thai food and drinks. Just about every day I eat at the same restaurant. On a dirt and rock road there is a string of about 4 restaurants that are essentially just huts and they have the best food! The food is so cheap and so good and by now Latrisha and I have gone there so many times that we are friends with all the staff and play with their adorable kids when we are there. The best part about these restaurants is obviously the food but the second best part is this person who we’ve started calling the king of the jungle. The king of the jungle is a man who walks around the restaurants every day in nothing but a towel. I see this man every day and every single time I have seen him he is wearing just a light blue towel and a pair of flip flops. I should mention as well that I go to restaurant at different time each day and I always he see him in his towel at different times. He is probably about 60 years old and looks very serious and he walks around sort of inspecting things. I’m assuming he owns one of the restaurants and just likes to see what is going on but never really says anything. I started taking pictures of him every day so I can just have a laugh at how great it is that he only wears a towel. I don’t know if this is funny to anyone else but to me it is hilarious.

As I mentioned before I took a trip to Phuket which is Thailand’s largest island and is on the opposite side of the country in the Andaman Sea. The Phuket trip really is a story for another time but the reason I mention it again is because on my way home from Phuket something magical happened. Well I suppose it was actually more scientific than magical BUT to me it was a good omen and made me very happy. Because I live on an island I have to take a boat to get back here if I ever leave (flying is too expensive). On the boat ride back to Samui I was staring out the window thinking about what the heck I was going to do if I couldn’t find a job on the island. As I was staring out the window at the water I noticed a little rainbow. Then I noticed another, and another, and another and on and on and on. The boat was causing waves of water to shoot up into the air and the way that the light hit the water made small rainbows over and over. I sat and watched these rainbows shooting through the air for about 5 minutes until they finally stopped. At that moment I just felt like those rainbows were my good omen telling me that heading back to Samui and sticking it out until I found a job was the right decision. I know that sounds corny but that’s the way I felt and for some reason those little rainbows made me feel happy and filled me with a lot of hope. I had just finished reading The Alchemist so that probably had something to do with looking for omens but nonetheless I was right the rainbows were good. I hope you all find your good omens! Chok Dee!

I shall update again soon, hopefully sooner than a month.

Kap khun kha
Sa wa dee kha

Death by Coconut

The 3rd post has commenced! I’m really starting to feel comfortable and at home here in Samui. I’m so hopeful that I will get a job within the next 2 weeks so that I can actually stay. Its been a wonderful time being here on Samui with no job but its putting a real dent in my bank account. The money is only coming out and not going in. Its fine with me for now but sooner or later I will end up homeless. I suppose though I could just live on the beach which doesn’t sound that bad. Anyway though, I do have a few job opportunities that seems pretty promising so I am keeping my fingers crossed for those. I have been to just about every school that I’ve been able to find on the island and many of of them aren’t hiring until May when the new term starts. In retrospect this was actually not the best time to come to Thailand as a teacher because they term is just about to end for 2 months. Many of the schools I’ve been to also have said that they simply just do not have the budget for a foreign teacher. I’m really just praying that get one of them. There is one job that I have to do a 1 hour free class for to show my skills and if that goes well have a good chance at that one. So anyone read this please send your positive vibes my way. A fortune teller told me that the month of March is a lucky month for me so i’m hoping that luck comes in the form of a job!

In the mean time I will keep searching and keep having the time of my life here. The island is so beautiful I’ve ended up at the beach just about everyday and my skin is so dark now. It is wonderful. It is hard to have a bad day here and if I am starting to have a bad day, I just go swimming. There is something about being in the water that really clears the mind. I’m assuming its because you are weightless and nothing seems to matter when you’re in the water. I highly recommend swimming as a form of therapy!
So there is my million dollar idea although i’m sure its already being done.

My biggest anxiety and fear these days is that I will randomly be killed by a coconut. There are just so many coconuts around here and the ones in the yard where I live are always falling. The trees are 50ft+ tall so you can imagine what a coconut to the head would do. I never would have thought that death by coconut would be an actual legitimate worry of my life. I’m tempted to wear my helmet that I use when riding my motorbike and just wear it at all times. That would not be ideal considering what it does my hair. I constantly either have helmet hair or my hair style really depends on the wind. Its a wonderful thing when your hair style depends on the wind that day, when your skin turns the same color as the locals, when your body starts to crave Thai food more than anything else, when you meet people and you make a real connection that will last. That’s one thing I love about traveling and the number one thing that keeps me motivated to travel is that I know I am going to meet some of the best and most interesting people that I ever have in my life. The people you meet when you travel are those people that you can’t seem to forget easily.

Most days I’ve been going to the beach or looking for jobs and sometimes both in one day. Usually I will look for a job then go to the beach all day, go home when its dark and eat take a nap and then head back to the beach for the night. The first person we met here in Samui has a bar on the beach and they have fire shows every night at the beach so we have made that our regular hangout. I’ve found that its quite easy to fall in love at the beach. Either with a person, or a place, or a feeling or whatever. I can’t pin point exactly why it is this way but all I know is I’ve fallen in love with several things while being at the beach. I also have had some major sun burns which is something I do not love but its all for the greater good of having beautiful brown skin. The Thai people (women mostly) will do anything and everything to make their skin lighter it is so bizarre. Most of them use dye on their skin to make them white and essentially all of the lotions, makeups and skin products here have whitening agents in them. A lot of them will also avoid sun at all costs. They wear long clothes and big hats and cover up pretty much every part of their bodies to avoid the suns exposure. I’ve heard that the reason for this is that lighter skinned Thai people may appear that they have Chinese heritage which I guess is a good thing and more high class. I’m just blown away by this though because I think that the Thai people who I’ve seen out in the sun and on the beach everyday have the prettiest skin color ever. People are just crazy no matter where in the world you go, people are crazy!

Not everyone is crazy though obviously. We’ve been lucky enough to meet some great people who have been very helpful ad friendly. There is a woman here who owns a massage parlor and she has become our friend. Every night she plays volleyball at the local court where a lot of different recreational activities happen. This has been a good way to meet people and something fun and healthy to do. The first day we went to the courts Latrisha played volleyball but I just warmed up with some people and then didn’t play. I decided not to play because I have what I’ve diagnosed as “Team Sports Anxiety” and its where I get extreme anxiety when I have to play a team sport, pretty self explanatory right. So instead I go for a run by the lake, do a dance class, or a yoga class. There is nothing so peaceful and amazing as doing yoga next to the water at sunset in Thailand let me tell you! I’m hoping that running and yoga and going to the beach will bring me to some sort of peace of mind where i’m able to conquer my team sports anxiety disorder hahahaha. Only time will tell!

Not the most entertaining post but as usual my mind is not focused. All I can think about is how I need to get back to the beach. Until next time folks.